Anti-Aging & Wellness

Bio-identical Hormone Replacement (BHRT)

Bio-identical hormone replacement therapy (BHRT) to men and women. Hormone disorders can occur at any age and are oftentimes misdiagnosed by doctors since they can present as multiple symptoms that appear unrelated. BHRT is a natural way for men and women to achieve hormonal balance. Hormone balance can relieve depression, fatigue, decreased sex drive anxiety, insomnia, weight gain, muscle loss, brain fog, hair loss, sexual dysfunction, and many other symptoms. PMS, PCOS, infertility, low sperm count, ED, menopause, andropause (male menopause), hypothyroidism, adrenal gland dysfunction, and other hormone-related conditions are helped tremendously with BHRT.

Bioidentical hormones are plant-based compounds formulated in a laboratory to be identical to those which the body makes naturally. We prescribe BHRT in several forms that include capsules, creams, troches, and pellets. We only use FDA approved licensed compounding pharmacies. Bio-identical Hormone Replacement Therapy can improve overall health, muscle mass, weight, focus, memory, metabolism, energy levels, mood, sleep, and focus. BHRT is important for maintaining the health of many vital organs like bone, brain, breast, and heart. Our holistic therapies are tailored specifically to each patient to meet your goals and needs.

Peptide Therapy

Peptide Therapy is an exciting, cutting-edge medical science that uses specific amino acid sequences called “peptides” that, when properly administered, communicate with different parts of the body, potentially enhancing the function of the entire body by binding to receptors on the cell surface and signaling optimal messages for health improvement.


To date, over 7,000 naturally occurring peptides have been identified. We are now seeing that Peptide Therapy is gaining more notoriety with physicians because these peptides are highly specific in their action and amazingly effective. Because peptides are mostly naturally occurring in the body, they are typically extremely well- tolerated and very safe.

Peptide Therapy helps with a broad range of health conditions: